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Welcoming the Positive Psychology leadership movement, from ego to heart driven era.

In order to evolve from individualistic ego to a happy heart-driven leadership, we should all embrace the Positive Psychology movement.

Experiencing happiness from a perspective where you do not seek or chase it. What you require to thrive is already in you, and you have to purposely bring it out no matter the circumstances.

You can only make a deep change in the outside world leading by example. Finding your deep WHY based on the values of happiness and love instead of what your ego dictates.

In order to bring change to the current corporate leadership and entrepreneurial world, we all need to embrace the happiness and well-being concepts of Positive Psychology. An inner transformation needs to take place, stepping away from than ego and greediness, guiding your actions towards love and kindness.

In your path through true happiness and fulfillment in whatever your heart is leading you to undertake, Positive Psychology encourage you to cultivate an inner transformation that will bring a huge inner and outer impact.

All you create will be built with deep sense of purpose and alignment. Motivation will be natural, taking inspired action and with profound respect for yourself since you will be walking the path of  “The Best Version of You”.

Laura Brunereau Happiness Expert

about Laura

happiness, Positive psychology & Organizational Happiness Expert.

Positive mindset reprogramming specialist with over a decade of experience in the field.

Passionate in all subjects around happiness.

Entrepreneur, founder of multiple companies over the years.
My current active project are:

Business consultant and trainer for the Happiness Business School of Portugal.

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TED MasterclassTED’s official public speaking course — will teach you how to identify, develop and share your best ideas with the world.

Public speaking, the celebrity status — WealthDragons Education — Mentored by John Lee  —  https://www.wealthdragons.com/

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my public speaking mission is

Laura Brunereau

“I experienced an inner call for public speaking from an early stage of my life. I knew my path was to find something so valuable and with a positive impact for humanity, and one day I will be sharing it on stage. Years later this child transformed into a woman with a clear life purpose. I discovered my mission. Though public speaking, podcasts, courses and every tool I build in my professional career, I will spread the knowledge of happiness.”

Laura Brunereau Happiness Expert
It will be my deepest pleasure to be part of your TEDX event.
I have been dreaming to be part of TED for years. I get chills just to think my dream of sharing my happiness and positivity ideas through this powerful platform, could nearly become my present reality.
It will be my greatest honor to be selected, and I guarantee that everything I undertake is carefully and professionally crafted to meet the highest standards.

I am grateful for your time and attention.
Your friend,
Laura Brunereau