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Laura Brunereau Happiness Expert


Leveraging the experience of over a decade studying, researching and practicing the happiness and positive psychology concepts, Laura guides her audiences through real transformational concepts. 

Laura has the power to explain complex concepts in a clear motivational way, building powerful stories and creating deep connection with the public. She masters her topics, living herself by these standards, promoting an atmosphere of self transformation and growth. 

Laura knows how to create a real connection with every audience. Her #1 goal is to guide them into connecting with their inner guidance system, and discovering the techniques that will help them reconnect with true happiness and to build new foundations for a life filled with joy and satisfaction.

She leads by example, on a journey of self discovery, inspiration and learning, motivating true inspired action. 

“Public speaking is one of my favourite activities. My journey as professional speaker started in 2013 and slowly grew, until 2021 when life showed me my clear path as happiness ambassador. Since then I am on a fast track to become my best version on stage to deliver the best talks.”



You can book me in North America or Europe. I live in Europe, spending most of the year in France and Spain. I also travel to Mexico and Canada from time to time for work. 

I am always eager to travel, just let me know where your event will take place and we can evaluate the travelling.

I am always open to travel for events and to deliver corporate organizational happiness trainings worldwide.

I do both! Depending on what are your company needs. Some prefer live online courses and others live events. My personal favourite are the ones where I meet you and your team in person.

Send me a message, I will be glad to provide all information you need. Give me some information about your needs, I’ll be in touch. CONTACT ME HERE

Always! Let’s spread happiness and well-being together.

All that studies happiness. Both from a scientific perspective, like positive psychology & mindset reprogramming, combined with a touch of spirituality, mindfulness and the Law of Attraction.  

My education in the field started around 2011-2012 with auto hypnosis for resolving limiting beliefs and integrate growth mindset concepts. 

I have been PASSIONATELY studying since then, for over a decade now. 

My areas of expertise are happiness, positive psychology, mindset reprogramming, organizational happiness and even the Law of Attraction, researching about our energy impact to build our everyday life.

I’d love to hear from you